People of “The Way”

The earliest followers of Jesus were called “followers of the way.” Followers of Jesus were not called Christians until later in the first century. According to some historians, it was somewhat of a mocking term given to them in the city of Antioch. “The Way” is not an insignificant term. The Hebrew people followed Torah. It was not just a set of rules to follow but a wholistic guide to Kingdom living. Thus, it was meant to be a way of life. So when Jesus said, “I am ‘The Way’, the truth and the life,” he was putting himself on equal terms with the Torah. Jesus made it clear that he was living and modeling “The Way” of kingdom living; a new way of life, the life God has always intended. What we see in the New Testament is Jesus showing us the way followed by people living into the ways of Jesus. What if we were to let go of all our Christian language and labels and lived into “The Way”? What if our way of life was compelling to the world around us? What revival might take place in our culture if we were seen more as people of “The Way”; a way that points to Jesus?

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